Qingdao Bohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Precision”) always sticks to quality as foundation, advocates the intelligentization of products, and adopts the development strategy of “forging the enterprise with technical innovation, and operating it in a healthy and stable manner”. “Bohai Precision” pays great attention to the cultivation of independent research and development capability and the construction of technical strength. Now it owns a R&D team that is totally independent in intelligentized manufacture, and it keeps launching the new products with high-tech contents to meet the customers’ demands. At the same time, it is only specialized in and focused on research and development of products of “dynamic weight check and weight sorting equipment” series. The current products of the company adopt the advanced nd are forged with efforts and craftsmanship. The products have the characteristics of high precision, fast response speed, intelligentization, humanization, high sensitivity, excellent anti-jamming capacity and stable performance etc.
      Bohai Precision has researched and developed the following high-speed, high-precision and intelligentized products: magazine type multi-level weight sorter/classifier, belt type single/double channel multi-level weight sorter/classifier, chain plate type multi-level weight sorter/classifier and belt type multi-level weight sorter. The series of products have been widely used in food, beverage, pharmacy, health care, daily use chemicals, electronics, hardware, light industry, logistics and express delivery etc and the industries with strict requirements for net contents and completeness of products. Weight sorter can check whether the packaged products are underweight or overweight on line, in order to ensure that the net contents of products meet the standards and requirements. With high efficiency, weight sorter can replace manual sorting. It can be used in seafood, aquatic products, fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry etc. It can separately weigh every kind of products and sort them by the designated class or weight class.
    The company can customize the various kinds of weight sorting/classification/separation equipment according to the specific requirements of customer, and can finish the project engineering and installation according to features of the production line in customer’s factory. We have provided numerous customers at home and abroad with the various perfect solutions and a great many of qualified products and services. We have had the extremely extensive customer groups and been deeply trusted and praised by customers at home and abroad.
    “Bohai Precision” has won a high popularity in weight sorting/classification/selecting equipment industry, and is fighting for the objective of “Bohai leads intelligent weighing”.

We provide impeccable solutions for automatic intelligent weight sorting equipment :
  • Magazine/rotating disc type weight sorter
  • High-speed, high-precision belt type single/double channel multi-level weight sorter
  • Chain plate type multi-level weight sorter
  • High-precision belt-type multi-level weight sorter
  • Multi-level weight sorter for traditional Chinese medicinal materials and fruits and vegetables
  • High-precision dynamic weight screener
  • Automatic control system and design of program software

Bohai Precision Machinery is an enterprise paying great attention to product quality and customers’ demands. Therefore, when producing the above-mentioned series of products, we give sufficient consideration to “energy saving and high efficiency”, in order to ensure that customers can obtain the experience of “convenience, stability and safety”.

We undertake that:

All of our products are of high quality, and we sincerely treat every customer with our product. We listen carefully to customers, spare no effort to meet customers’ needs, and help customers solve the difficulties. The commitment is applicable for not only to our customers, but also to our agents, distributors, suppliers, agency and our employees. We provide:

  • High-class customized solutions
  • Abundant and complete production lines
  • Specialized technologies obtained after many years’ research and innovation
  • Never-comprise execution standard
Customer care

We devote ourselves to meeting the demands of each customer. We strictly execute Rules on Customer Service. We make sure that you are happy during all services we rendered. If you have any problem or need any help from us, please contact our customer service team. We endeavor to realize:

  • High quality and high efficiency;
  • Honesty, fairness and politeness;
  • Patience to listen, quick response;
  • Enhancement of specialized knowledge and skills of the team.
Quality assurance

Incessant pursuit after quality is the enterprise spirit of Bohai Precision Machinery. With Policies on Quality Supervision, our products not only meet the standards, but also are better than your expectation.

  • our cores of Policies on Quality Supervision:
  • Strict quality management and check procedure
  • Enthusiastic and timely feedback to customers
  • Product improvement system
Environmental protection responsibility

Bohai Precision Machinery emphasizes environmental protection and sustainable development very much. All of our products and system meet environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development. At the same time, we clearly know the important liability to protect environment.

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