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Main type and functions of weight sorter


In the conventional manual sorting field, sorting operators judge the size and weight of materials with visual judgment or with electronic scale directly and divide them into different areas. If the value of material is high or requirement for weight precision is high, it is supposed to weigh each single object and place it in different material areas. The low-efficiency method is far below the production need of modern enterprise.

With the incessant development of the society and science and technology, the weight sorter has come into being. Bohai Precision sorter is also called Bohai Precision weighing sorter, weight sorter and classifier. The weighing sorter is divided into two types, belt type weighing sorter and tray type weighing sorter. Products can be integrated according to specific requirements of different customers, or various packing or production lines and transmission systems. It is mainly used to check underweight and lack of quantity or select the products according to weight, and thus saving human resource cost and improving market competitiveness of products of enterprises. It is widely used in seafood, slaughter, meat, Chinese herbal medicine, make-up and pharmacy etc. Bohai Precision sorter is a new-generation automatic weighing sorter that replaces the conventional manual sorting. Bohai Precision makes unremitting endeavor to improve production efficiency, economic benefits, modernized automatic control and modernized production management for customers.