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Precautions for customers to select the weight sorter


Due to differences in users’ demands, usage environment and materials to be sorted, Bohai Precision provides each user with pre-sale technical consulting. Putting customers’ demands first, and being modest and courteous, we provide our customers with the most suitable solutions and products.
All equipment with standard specifications is only for your reference. The actual parameters will be adjusted appropriately according to your specific demands and usage environment, in order to ensure the optimal practicability of equipment. When selecting the products, you need to inform us of the following information:
Dimension and characteristics of products to be sorted, to determine the working mode of selecting equipment;
Scope of weight of products to be sorted, to determine the maximum load capacity of selecting equipment;

Quantity of products to be sorted, to calculate the yield and quantity of equipment;
Maximum allowable error, to determine the requirements for precision of products  

Number of sorting levels needed based on the number of specifications of products to be sorted