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Application of weight sorter in industry


The applied range of weight sorter is very large, for example: size-based classification of food industry and quality inspection industry. At present, weight sorter can be divided into two types: tray type and belt type. Tray sorter is widely used in slaughter industry with high weighing precision; the error is ±0.5g. However, tray type sorter is not suitable for assembly line work. Instead, belt type weight sorter applies to weight check or sorting in assembly line work.

Other names of weight sorter: automatic weight checking machine, weight sorting scale and weight screener. It is an on-line weight checking equipment with intermediate or low speed and high precision. It can be integrated with various package production lines and transmission system. It mainly used to check whether the product weight is qualified and whether the package is lack of any part or record the product weight on line.

On-line weight check is an indispensable link in production of modern industry, especially production of food and pharmacy. During the transmission, weight sorter completes measurement of product weight, and compares the measured weight to the pre-set scope. The control box will send an order to remove the product with disqualified weight, or send the products with different weight scope to the designated area.
The weight sorter generally consists of transmission mechanism, sorting mechanism and weighing mechanism. The weighing mechanism collects weight signals, and sends them to control box. The transmission mechanism guarantees sufficient space between products by improving speed. The sorting mechanism is used to remove the disqualified products tested.

The working process of weight sorter is as follows:

Weighing process
1.       Front-end transmission mechanism: it transfers the object tested to the weighing mechanism. On one hand, it gives an initial speed to the object and enables it to arrive at the designated place smoothly after entering the weighing mechanism. On the other hand, it insulates vibration for the front-end materials, in order to ensure the precision of measurement.
2. Middle weighing mechanism: this part is the most important part of the whole mechanical system. It structural design and installation precision affects the precision of measurement of the system directly. It consists of transmission motor, photoelectrical monitoring part and weighing sensor. It weighs the object dynamically.
3. Back-end sorting mechanism: the part is the motion part of the sorter. It consists of transmission part, pneumatic valve and hopper etc. It selects and removes the disqualified parts of the object. The way of removal can be blowing, pole pushing, pole lifting and falling etc.
Report feedback
Every weight sorter has the weight signal feedback function. It reports the average weight of product with quantity set to the controller of packaging/filling/can packing machine. The control box adjusts the feed amount dynamically to make the average weight of product to approach the desired value.
Except for feedback function, the weight checking machine can also provide abundant report functions, quantity of packages in each area, total quantity of each area, number of qualified products, total number of qualified products, average value, standard deviation, total number and total accumulated number.
Weight sorter can be used in many industries, like food, pharmacy, chemical industry, beverage, plastics and rubber etc.      

The product is mainly used in the following situations:

1. Final inspection of product weight
The weight of product will be re-checked in the final link of production, and the disqualified products will be removed, in order to ensure that the weight of product leaving the factory is up to standard. This is conducive to the benefits of both consumers and the manufacturer. The consumers will not suffer a loss due to insufficient quantity, and consumers will suffer the damaged reputation due to complaint of customers.
2. Feedback control
Except for weight signal of product, weight sorter will remove the disqualified products, and output the feedback signals of difference value of average weight and nominal weight to the packing filling equipment. It also adjusts the average weight to make it consistent with the set weight automatically, in order to reduce the production cost. For example, the weight of each package of milk powder is 450g, there is no need to use the weight sorter. The average weight of package should be 453g to ensure the weight of product is up to standard. After the automatic weight feedback control is applied, the average weight can meet 450g. Based on the assumption that ten thousand packages can be produced every day, 30000g can be saved every day, and 10.8 tons can be saved every year. As the price of each package of intermediate-leveled infant milk powder at the market is 15 yuan, 360,000 yuan can be saved every year.

3. Inspection on insufficiency of products
Due to equipment or manual factors, the products in small packages in an outer package (e.g. beverage case) will be missing. To use the weight sorter to check the weight of outer packages in order to ensure that there is no insufficiency of products in them. For example, the weight of a box containing 24 bottles is definite, so it is feasible to check whether there is neglected loading to check the weight of each case.

4. Classification
The products with non-uniform weight can be classified automatically. For example, as the manufacturer cutting chicken divides the chicken legs of different sizes into different weight scope, it can use the weight sorter to weigh each chicken wing automatically, and send weight signals to PLC. PLC can drive the corresponding pulling board according to the scope set to send the wings to the corresponding box. In this way, the automatic classification is fulfilled.

The above applications are some regular ones of weight sorters. Weight sorters are also applicable to pharmacy, aviation and military industry etc.

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